Internet of Things

The internet of things refers to using data instantaneously, from anywhere and globally; connected through the Internet, for the benefit of production.

The internet of things gives companies the ability to connect many different devices, including older computers and get "communicated" with each other in a way that could not be done before. By collecting data, companies can improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

RFID and Barcode Tracking

An operations process requires constant and accurate monitoring to avoid problems during its duration. Inventory, personnel access, production and distribution chains are key parts of the process that are vulnerable to failures caused by poor or obsolete control.

Intekel Automation puts RFID and NFC technology within your company's reach, to increase control over your operations process.

Energy Efficiency Monitoring Systems

Energy is a determining factor for the growth, development, costs and competitiveness of companies. Significant increases in energy consumption are currently being experienced globally as a result of continued economic growth and increased quality of life for humans.

Manufacture of CNC Machines

The CNC router is a cutting or engraving machine that works with a milling or drill tool to precisely and accurately carve the materials on three or more axes.

The CNC router works with a milling machine equipped with motors in each of its axes that are controlled by a computer using CNC (Computer Numerical Control).

Industry-Purposed Robotic Arms Manufacturing

Robotic arms are used on a daily basis to increase productivity, safety and add value in countless industries.

In our automation solutions offer, the industrial robotic arms that Intekel manufactures provide differentiating technical advantages.

Storage Systems Control and Monitoring

The importance of controlling, measuring and monitoring all variables involved in the specific process of each stored material, allows companies to make decisions by knowing significant data in real time.

Labeling and Production Monitoring System

Intekel Automatización has developed solutions that cover the particular needs of some sectors by integrating different applied technologies. Some of the sectors with the greatest demand for custom solutions are the agroindustrial and food sectors.

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