Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks®

Intuit QuickBooks® is one of the most popular accounting packages worldwide, for this reason, more and more Latin American companies choose to migrate to this software and leave behind traditional accounting programs.

Intekel Financer; our Computarized Accounting Software with QuickBooks®, leverages the potential of QuickBooks® to comply with Mexican tax laws, making it a complete financial solution for small, medium and large companies.

Maintenance Software

Maintain devices and machinery in operational conditions on a design level with the highest safety and the cheapest prices.

Administer preventive and corrective maintenance to equipment, trucks and machinery, to guarantee the correct operation and safety preservation of the units.

Expenditures Management Software

The control of expenses of a company is an issue that has been talked about a lot in these times of crisis. A well-run company should have their expenses analyzed in a very detailed way, understand and control how they impact on their business.

Intekel Automation offers the Expense Software that will allow you to register reinstatements, check requests and verifications, which will be reviewed by the different roles to keep a control of the expenses of your company.

Why Intekel?

We work together with our clients to materialize their business projects under a philosophy of continuous improvement.


We create long lasting relationships with universities, research centers and research associates to contribute to achieve shared goals.

Work for Intekel

We are looking for talented in engineering and business, that share our vision and enthusiasm for the development of innovative solutions.