Intekel Automatización

Strategic Vision

To be a competitive technology company at national level with a notable presence abroad, sustainable with capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship.

This vision is supported by the current mission of the company, which is based on creating technology based on quality standards that contribute to the improvement of companies, optimizing their resources and processes.

Strategic Objectives 2018

  1. Offer to the market solutions with a guarantee of 0 errors that identify Intekel Automatizacion as a quality company in all its processes. For this, the area of ​​product quality will reduce the internal non-conformities of the product by 20%.
  2. Reduce by 20% delivery times and implementation of the solutions developed by Intekel Automatizacion, providing our customers with efficient solutions that meet their needs in the shortest possible time.
  3. Design and implementation of a new KPI focused on quarterly measuring the efficiency of Intekel's operating processe.
  4. Increase by 20% the investment in digital advertising of Own Brand products by segmenting in the target marke.
  5. Create 2 commercial brands of new products developed by Intekel to launch in the market in 2018.
  6. Explore the Central American Market with specific solutions in the logistics, agribusiness and services markets. The objective will be to make 3 sales to new customers throughout the year.
  7. Provide collaborators of a work environment with a sense of belonging and commitment by Intekel Automatizacion.

Why Intekel?

We work together with our clients to materialize their business projects under a philosophy of continuous improvement.


We create long lasting relationships with universities, research centers and research associates to contribute to achieve shared goals.

Work for Intekel

We are looking for talented in engineering and business, that share our vision and enthusiasm for the development of innovative solutions.