Software Development

Specialized software in Desktop, Cloud and Mobile architecture for the industrial and business sector to optimize processes of production, marketing, logistics, administrative and production control. The software development services offered by Intekel Automation comprise the entire life cycle of the project from conceptualization to implementation and start-up.

Automation Service

Intekel offers solutions for different sectors in everything related to automation, control and manufacturing, between this range of services you can find: the automation and control of industrial processes, the design of HMI systems, the programming of PLCs from different manufacturers, the development of energy efficiency systems and the monitoring of critical variables involved in production processes such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, pH, volume and weight, among others.

Extended Services for QuickBooks® Desktop and Online

Intekel Automation provides specialized technical support, consulting and development of value-added solutions to maximize the capabilities of QuickBooks® Desktop (Pro, Premier y Enterprise) and Online (Simple start, Essentials y Plus) in the financial management of the company.

CAD/CAM Design

CAD / CAM integrates the design and manufacturing function, translating final design specifications into detailed machine instructions.

By using CAD / CAM techniques you get factors that are vital for today's industry.

Mobile Application Design

Intekel Automation designs on-demand mobile applications for the areas of sales, loyalty programs, multi-warehouse, logistics, variable measurement and industrial process control for Google's Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone technologies.

IT Infrastructure

Implementation of projects of connectivity, communication, support and networks to improve the performance and operation of the company.

Why Intekel?

We work together with our clients to materialize their business projects under a philosophy of continuous improvement.


We create long lasting relationships with universities, research centers and research associates to contribute to achieve shared goals.

Work for Intekel

We are looking for talented in engineering and business, that share our vision and enthusiasm for the development of innovative solutions.