At Intekel Automatización we seek people who, in addition to their technical profile, share the corporate vision and values of the company, as well as people, who have the commitment of good performance in the tasks entrusted to them and are always willing to give the extra so that things get done. We do our best to value, reward and encourage our staff, to attract and retain the most talented and capable employees, and thereby to raise our offer of value in the market.

Available Opportunities:

We invite you to explore the employment opportunities we have for you. Search and promote in our professional Linkedin page, there we will be publishing the company's employment offerings.

Why Intekel?

We work together with our clients to materialize their business projects under a philosophy of continuous improvement.


We create long lasting relationships with universities, research centers and research associates to contribute to achieve shared goals.

Work for Intekel

We are looking for talented in engineering and business, that share our vision and enthusiasm for the development of innovative solutions.