Energy Efficiency Monitoring System

Energy is a determining factor for the growth, development, costs and competitiveness of companies.

Significant increases in energy consumption are currently being experienced globally as a result of continued economic growth and increased quality of life for humans.

For this reason, Intekel Automatización offers integrated solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors, among others.

Such as energy efficiency that will allow to meet the increase of energy demand with total guarantees, while considering implementing a system to avoid excess energy consumption, creating strategies to make energy performance more efficient through software for system monitoring and control, helping to manage energy savings.

Our Solution

Intekel Automatización implements power management systems using automation and control equipment, integrating software for the supervision of the obtained data (consumption, temperatures, generated energy, etc.) and take necessary measures to increase their savings and efficiency.


  • Energy measurement, used to identify potential savings.
  • Installation of low consumption equipment and systems.
  • Long-term use by developing the management of automation, consulting, training and resources monitoring, while maintaining a high performance of equipment.
  • Continuous analysis of energy savings through maintenance, supervision and control.
  • Comply with international commitments to the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Obtain more detailed information about electricity consumption to identify where to improve efficiency.
  • Improvement of consumer welfare.
  • Increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.
  • For businesses, they can demonstrate environmental credentials to increase bidding opportunities.


  • Automation of a series of objects according to the needs of the client.
  • Have control of air conditioning, airflow, etc., even being able to manipulate them from the internet or create an autonomous system according to the client's specifications.
  • Keep a record of energy consumption.

System Schematic


The internet of things refers to using data instantaneously, from anywhere and globally; connected through the Internet, for the benefit of production.

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