Labeling and Production Monitoring System

Intekel Automatización has developed solutions that cover the particular needs of some sectors by integrating different applied technologies. Some of the sectors with the greatest demand for custom solutions are the agroindustrial and food sectors. The need to control their production led these sectors to semi-automate a large part of their processes with machinery that at the time was the innovation of the moment. However, there is nothing more changeable than technology, which grows at colossal steps showing the inefficiency of systems to meet the requirements of companies, and in the worst case, the system obsolescence.

General objective

Monitor through sensors the number of elements that transit the production lines in synchronization with a labeling system for production control and results records.

Specific Objectives

  • Record the number of items produced in real time.
  • Record the number of boxes or packages generated during production.
  • Record the number of pallets generated during production.
  • Obtain a label automatically, specifically designed to the type of content of the box and lot of boxes being produced.
  • Make a record of the collected data

System Description

The solution fully integrates the product labeling that follows a production plan executed in the factory. To optimize production control with pre-printed labels, eliminating errors by labeling only the produced units besides counting.


  • Identification of products in production line.
  • Automated counting systems.
  • Integrating manual or automatic labeling equipment.
  • Integration with sensors, micro controllers and PLCs.
  • Integration with application software.


  • Control of production histories.
  • Actual production count.
  • Product marking and identification
  • Record of production indexes.

The internet of things refers to using data instantaneously, from anywhere and globally; connected through the Internet, for the benefit of production.

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The CNC router is a cutting or engraving machine that works with a milling or drill tool to precisely and accurately carve the materials on three or more axes.

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