Storage Systems Control and Monitoring: Silos, Tanks, Hoppers and Containers

The storage of materials, substances and food is a critical stage in which the losses should be minimized and the quality must be kept at maximum; therefore, it is necessary to have adequate technologies for this purpose. There are several storage systems for medium and large industrial producers, such as Silos, Hoppers, Tanks y Containers, And the choice of the system will depend on the availability, suitability of use, efficiency and cost-benefit ratio that should be considered by the farmer or user. The importance of controlling, measuring and monitoring all the variables involved in the specific process of each stored material, allows companies to make the right decisions when they know significant data in real time.

Solution Description

The system captures the variables levels in the storage system using sensors and / or data acquisition cards, these instruments will have an Ethernet communication interface or other protocol to collect the information from the Controller (PLC) and from there communicate it to the Data Visualization Software. The software will be implemented in the company's local network, which will facilitate the access and monitoring from different plant locations.

The system user can have, in real time, the exact information of the measurement variables collected by the instruments, the data is represented in the Software through a series of charts that simulate the storage system signals, as well as the supply quantity that it has (grains, food, substance, gas, etc.), when there's a shortage of supplies, the system wll send alerts for prompt attention.


Control, measure and monitor in real time the different variables that intervene in storage systems and that directly influence the behavior of materials or protected materials.

Specific Objectives

  • Monitoring and control of the upper and lower limits of system variables
  • Measurement of weight and volume levels of materials and stored substances
  • Visualization of significant data about conditions of the containers in real time
  • Safety alerts on variations that exceed optimal conditions limits

System Features

  • Thermometry
  • Fans Control
  • Energy Control
  • Environmental Conditions Monitoring
  • Historical Reports
  • Mobile app alerts to different devices
  • Local access on PC or All-In-One
  • Access from a LAN Network
  • GPRS remote access

Measurement Variables

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Volume and Weight Levels
  • Salinity
  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Ozone
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen

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