Mobile Application Design

The use of mobile applications (apps), worldwide represents a fast growing sector, only in Mexico is estimated that there are just over 23 million people who have a mobile device.

offers mobile application design and development services for Google's Android and iOS platforms, making it easy for users to perform various types of work and access corporate information through smartphones, tablets, etc.


Solutions for mobile devices offer the user the following benefits:

  • Real time access to the information that you need from the company
  • Manage inventory, stock and supplier orders
  • Consult financial and operational performance indicators of your company
  • Control your industrial processes through alerts and notifications
  • Machinery, equipment and tools failure warnings
  • Reading and processing of data through RFID and NFC technology for inventory, sales and logistics solutions

Customized software for the industrial and business sector to optimize processes of production, marketing, logistics and administrative control.

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CAD / CAM integrates the design and manufacturing function, translating the final design specifications into detailed instructions for a machine.

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