IT Infrastructure

The technological infrastructure is the fundamental base of any company and allows the optimization of its resources, the correct operation of applications or systems, to effectively meet the business processes and market requirements.

Our philosophy of working together with the customer as a team allows us to more safely dimension the investments in technological infrastructure that your company wishes to undertake and allows us to guide you towards a successful path that improves the intelligence and quality of your business.

Our Services

  • Development of connectivity and communications projects.
  • Implementation of certified fiber optic cabling and UTP.
  • Configuration of voice and data links; Point-Point and Multipoint.
  • Installation and configuration of Analog and Digital Switching Equipment.
  • Electrical Wiring for Data Centers and Physical Land Systems.
  • Logical network security on Windows NT, Unix, Linux servers; enabling network services and configuring Firewalls.
  • Sale of network and data communication equipment.
  • Backup systems and restoration of critical information.

The use of mobile applications (apps), worldwide represents a fast growing sector, only in Mexico is estimated that there are just over 23 million people who have a mobile device.

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CAD / CAM integrates the design and manufacturing function, translating the final design specifications into detailed instructions for a machine.

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