Extended Services for QuickBooks® Desktop and Online


Intekel Automatización provides specialized support services in the QuickBooks® Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) and Online (Simple start, Essentials and Plus) versions. Services include accounting support to comply with accounting and tax provisions in Mexico, training of accounting and technical personnel in the different versions of the QuickBooks® Software, implementation of the system in our clients servers or private cloud and the development of new modules to expand the capabilities of QuickBooks Desktop and Online.

With more than three million users, QuickBooks® is the most widely used accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. When used correctly, this accounting software can help increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide better information for business decision making, to help you discover new QuickBooks® features and assist you when you need it, you can receive support via e-mail, video conferencing, on the phone, or on-site.


Accounting Support: We provide accounting advice to carry out your accounting in QuickBooks® to comply with Mexican tax guidelines, as part of our support we offer the following services:
- Restructuring of the catalog of accounts necessary to generate financial statements
- Balance adjustments in the account catalog
- Bank reconciliations

Training: We train your staff for the correct use of the QuickBooks® modules, offering advice by areas: sales, purchases, inventories, accounting, etc., managing to register the activities of the companies: asset accounts, debts, inventories, taxes and customer information.

Implementation: We install and deploy QuickBooks® Desktop on your computer or on the local server through remote access or in person, we configure QuickBooks® so that users of the system can access your information and personalize it according to the type of business in question.

Development of new functionalities for QuickBooks® Desktop and Online: QuickBooks® has an API (Application Programming Interface) with the ability to integrate itself with third-party programs, allowing you to get data from any source and use it in QuickBooks®. Based on this feature that QuickBooks® has, Intekel Automatización can develop new modules for the specific needs of the Client, in addition, we have developed the following products:
- Contabilidad electrónica (Electronic accounting; Anexo 24)
- facturación electrónica (electronic billing)
- Requisiciones de compra (Purchase requisitions)
- Comprobación de gastos y cuentas por pagar (Verification of expenses)


  • QuickBooks® Installation on a computer or on the company's internal network
  • Support for QuickBooks® Desktop: Pro, Premier & Enterprise, QuickBooks® Online: Simple Start, Essentials & Plus
  • Configuration of security controls and definition of user profiles
  • Restructure the catalog of accounts to comply with Mexican accounting
  • Training by operating areas: accounting, purchasing, warehouse, etc.
  • Reports Design (invoices, checks, purchase orders, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Support and maintenance, remote or on-site
  • Database Backup
  • Developing of New Features in QuickBooks®

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