Electronic Accounting (Annex 24) and Electronic Invoicing (Annex 20) with QuickBooks® (Intekel Financer)

Intekel Financer, our Electronic Accounting Software with QuickBooks®, is a financial application targeted towards small, medium, and big companies, whose objetive is to ease the fiscal and financial processes by extending the capabilities of Intuit QuickBooks® to comply with Mexico's tax laws.

Intuit QuickBooks® is one of the most pupular accounting packages at the world stage; for this reason, more latinamerican companies choose to migrate to this software and leave behind the traditional accounting applications. Intekel Financer takes advantage of Intuit QuickBooks® potential to comply with mexican tax laws, thus becoming an excelent solution for big and small enterprises alike.


Intekel Financer, the Electronic Accounting Software with QuickBooks®, developed by Intekel Automatizacion, integrates information comming from Income Policies (Payment and Deposit), Expenditures (Check, Billchecks and Transfer) and Journals (Bill, Bill Credit, Check, Invoice, Credit Memo and General Journal) processed by QuickBooks®, regardless of whether it is the American or Canadian version.

This software homologates the accounts administrated by QuickBooks® with the grouper account catalog published in Annex 24 of SAT's tax miscellany, obtains information from QuickBooks® policies, processes it and automatically generates the XML files of the account catalog, period policies, and monthly and year-end trial balances.

In addition to complying with SAT's Annex 24, Intekel Financer, our Electronic Accounting Software with QuickBooks®, allows you to generate, in PDF and XLS file, reports of income, expenditures and journal policies, and period verification balances, as well as perform automatic validations of digital invoices issued by the company or its suppliers.


  • Follow-up of revenue, expenditure and journal policies, and generation of XML files requested by the SAT.
  • CFDI invoicing without limits for customers.
  • Facilitates Mexican accounting using Intuit QuickBooks®
  • Generation of accounting reports requested by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • Lists CFID vouchers with their respective entry or exit policies for the period.
  • Full integration with QuickBooks® Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) and Online (Simple Start, Essentials and Plus).


  • Complies with Annex 24 of the Electronic Accounting of the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • Obtains the catalog information of accounts, income, expenses and daily newspapers of QuickBooks®, in real time.
  • Validates the CFIDs (tax sheets) in a massive way, and integrates them with the income and expense policies.
  • Homologates the QuickBooks® account catalog with the grouping code of the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
  • Generates the necessary reports to comply with Mexican accounting.
  • Get access to financial information instantly from a single place and in Spanish.
  • Allows you to make your electronic invoice from QuickBooks®.

If you would like a demonstration of Intekel Financer, you can e-mail us at atencion@intekel.com or call 01 (921) 163-2491 or 01(921) 214-2855 to schedule a presentation.


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