Expenditures Management Software

Spending software increases efficiency and reduces employee-initiated expenditure processes, so a well-run company must have its expenses analyzed in a very detailed way, understand and control how they impact on their business.

Intekel Automation offers the Web Expenditures Software with QuickBooks integration that allows you to register reinstatements, check requests and verifications.

The system has the function of loading invoices of expenses (tickets, food, lodging, roads and bridges, among others) in its XML and PDF formats, and informs the user in real time of any possible error in any of the charged invoices.

At the end of processing, the Software allows you to write to a QuickBooks Journal to record the data in the system, associating the name of the employee and the project in which they participate. In the event that payment is made in advance, the Software extracts data from QuickBooks and processes it to keep track of each expense the employee makes.


  • At the end of a reinstatement /check request, it will be send to the corresponding users for review.
  • It allows the registration of reinstatements, check requests and verifications.
  • The system has a web service that provides this data, ready to be read by an external program that will perform the writing.
  • Per-user access roles.
  • The system allows the printing of an individual format for each reinstatement or check, and a general one for the package.
  • Users will be able to load their invoices in XML and their respective PDF.


  • It allows controlling and monitoring the expenditures process of the company.
  • It allows to make reinstatements, check requests and verifications quickly.
  • It generates a format for each reinstatement, check request and verification.
  • Optimizes times in the expenditures control process.

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It allows the registration of repayments and checks of payments. The system has a catalog with different concepts of expenses: tickets, gasoline, food, lodging, telephony, etc., the worker uploads these receipts to the system through their respective XML.

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