Maintenance Software

Maintain devices and machinery in operational conditions on a design level with the highest safety and the cheapest prices.

Administer preventive and corrective maintenance to equipment, trucks and machinery, to guarantee the correct operation and safety preservation of the units.

Specific Objectives

  • Planify general maintenance schedules, by equipment and by piece.
  • Determine the validity of the certificates and permissions of the units (rights payment).
  • Improve operational efficiency with an inventory record of parts, critical parts, wear materials and supplies.
  • Promote the continuity of equipment certifications, unit documentation, and work order logs.
  • Perform a maintenance history for hours worked.
  • Maintain an inventory of assets with supplier registration and procurement scheduling to ensure sufficient supply and with the required certifications.


  • Companies with vehicle fleet.
  • Maintenance workshops with attention to vehicle fleets.
  • Companies with their own industrial equipment.
  • Industrial equipment rental companies.
  • Dry docks.
  • Shipping companies with their own boats.
  • Transporter companies with tractors and heavy passenger vehicles.


  • Notify in advance of the maintenance schedule of each equipment, as well as the validity of the work permits.
  • Inform of the current inventory status of spare parts, supplies and materials.
  • Reduces corrective maintenance by increasing preventive maintenance.
  • Allows control over the use of tools and materials by the personnel.
  • Reduce the risks associated with the use and wear of equipment and the provision of critical parts.
  • Improves logistics efficiency through timely alerts of low stock.
  • Necesidad de supervisión reducida debido a la calendarización automática del mantenimiento.
  • Apoya en la toma de decisiones mediante indicadores de estado, confiabilidad, disponibilidad y mantenibilidad(CMD).
  • Autogenerar checklist para comprobar la confiabilidad operativa de la unidad.


  • Almacén de piezas, materiales y consumibles con alertas de stock bajo y hoja de compras.
  • Sistema de resguardos para herramientas y materiales de taller.
  • Sistema de partes críticas.
  • Manejo especial de piezas que requieran certificaciones y refacciones autorizadas.
  • Mantenimiento por tiempo basado en horas por operación.
  • Bitácora de incidencias y reportes de mantenimiento.
  • Calendarización automática de actividades de mantenimiento.
  • Catálogo de personal propio y de terceros asignable a las actividades de mantenimiento.
  • Repositorio para manuales y guías de mantenimiento.
  • Sistema de usuarios y permisos de acceso.

Maintain devices and machinery in operational conditions on a design level with the highest safety and the cheapest prices.

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It allows the registration of repayments and checks of payments. The system has a catalog with different concepts of expenses: tickets, gasoline, food, lodging, telephony, etc., the worker uploads these receipts to the system through their respective XML.

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