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Mexican company that offers to the southeast of the country, fiberglass products to help select the best products to combat corrosion in the industry in general.


The company is a manufacturer and distributor of fiberglass products such as grids, profiles, sea ladders, covers, etc., in the oil sector, because of the corrosion that exists in the Gulf of Mexico, they been asked for a significant number of products, including fiberglass clamps, to meet that demand the company has produced the pieces in a handmade way.

For example, to produce a 3x8 cm and 1/4 cm thick clamp (the most requested model), it takes the staff 35 minutes to produce a single piece, when a customer places an order with GMF MEXICAN FIBERS, it usually asks for at least 500 pieces, there have been customers requesting about 8,000 pieces. The problem that existed in the company is that the production was carried out manually due to its complexity, generating a slow production, low quality of the final products and with much reduction.


In response to these problems, Intekel Automatización proposed to manufacture a Computerized Numerical Control Machine (CNC) for the machining of pieces of glass fibers, this to increase the production of parts, reduce defects and produce different models of parts (in different Specifications). This machine can make cuts, engrave contours and carve highly complex pieces with minimal errors.

The CNC machine has managed to generate profitability for the company, since it produces a clamp every 4 minutes, which significantly reduces the time previously occupied. Through this equipment, GMF MEXICAN FIBERS is able to accept larger orders and make deliveries in short times.

GELNEX - The gelatin specialists


Brazilian company that is present in more than 50 countries, and whose aim is to produce a wide variety of gelatines of porcine and bovine origin.


For many years, the corporate policy is to use Intuit QuickBooks® Enterprise Software for the area of finance and accounting in all its offices. In the case of Mexico, the implementation of this software has been complex, due to the limitation that Intuit QuickBooks® can not comply with the recent Mexican tax laws, such as electronic accounting (Annex 24) established by the SAT.


In response to the request made by the Customer, Intekel Automation proposed the following solutions:
a) Restructuring of the Intuit QuickBooks® account catalog for approval under Mexican tax laws
b) 3-day training course on operating and accounting management of Intuit QuickBooks® (from the point of view of Mexican accounting)
c) Implementation of the software INTEKEL FINANCER with integration to Intuit QuickBooks®, whose main function is to approve the accounts from Intuit QuickBooks with the catalog of the SAT (Mexican Tax Administration System), integrate journal, revenue and expense policies into XML reports and generate financial reports to comply with SAT's electronic accounting.



Company of the automotive industry, with spare parts services and accessories for cars and trucks, and with a strong presence in the States of Tabasco, Chiapas and Veracruz.


MI LLANTA has become a supplier of transnational companies in the energy sector, based mainly in the Gulf of Mexico. As part of these contracts, MILLANTA has been offering value-added services to its customers, in a compromise the company decided to implement sensors in the truck tires for temperature, wear, pressure and roll measurement; however, for the type of tires, the technology considered at first did not obtain positive results, because this technology suffered damages by the high temperatures and friction to which the tires are subjected.


As part of the solution proposal offered by INTEKEL AUTOMATIZACIÓN to MILLANTA, Tags were implemented with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology with temperature support at more than 85 degrees centigrade vulcanized inside the heavy truck tires. For the reading of the Tags, INTEKEL developed two Mobile Applications in Android technology, one for the Operators and another for the Customers of MILANTA. The applications show tire data (serial number, position, date of service, pressure, etc.) and vehicle data (make, model, number of plates, mileage and data of the company owning the vehicle).

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