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Building an startup: From the idea, MVP to financing scalibity and technology

In an increasingly digitized world, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for new forms of innovation. Startups are a new business model. They are characterized by the use of technology and require less capital compared to other traditional companies. Thanks to the technological component they have the possibility of growing in a faster and more agile way.

The entrepreneurship model via startup is one of the best known and most demanded . Many of them manage to survive and even be sold, it is also true that around 50% fail and disappear.

The success of a startup is based, above all, on the strategy and prior planning. Let’s see some tips to create a startup from scratch and minimize the main failures that can cause complex consequences for its continuity.

First Step: The business idea

The first step to create a startup is to define the business idea. Without a good idea it is very difficult to build a startup or any type of business. In fact, defining the business idea is the main step towards success, as well as one of the most difficult tasks to develop. Converting an idea into a business concept requires thinking about issues such as the sales channel of the product or service and who will buy it, the benefits of the product or service, etc. Complete this Business Model Canvas.

Business Model Canvas - Muy Agile

Second step: Create an MVP

Create an MVP and launch it quickly to see how the market reacts to your product. It doesn’t have to be the perfect platform. You can use not-code tools to build your MVP. Once you interviewed your users to see what they like about your product and how to improve it; and once you know that it has acceptance from the market, it is time to scale, build your platform with software developers and get your first 10k users. For that you’ll need money.

Third step: Finance your idea

Then you must define what will be the financing method. Financing a small business, especially a new business, is a difficult but not impossible task.

The idea is clear: “Get money to start the business project”. For this we can enumerate a series of formulas:

Seed Round

It is the so-called initial financing of any business project, based on the trust and knowledge of the entrepreneurs. It usually comes from relatives and the closest environment. 

Business Angel

They are the so-called private investors, it is a subsequent financing as a result of the departure of the startup. It is based on a study of the first numbers of the business, these will be the best cover letter to get this type of investment.


Possibly one of the most effective financing tools for startups. A mode of crowdfunding via the internet, crowdfunding platforms offer space to add projects and their needs. Users are those who donate capital for the achievement of these projects.

Micromecenazgo - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Fourth step: Software development process

As mentioned at the beginning, today we live in a digitized world.  So, you probably need to contact a software developer to get your startup off the ground or look for companies like Intekel to outsource full software development services.

If you have a business idea but do not have the necessary knowledge or tools to cover all the necessary technological parts, do not worry. Today many companies choose to outsource software development services which have the following benefits:

Benefits of Software development Outsoursing

  • Advances in software development : Technology advances faster and faster, and these advances make software development more efficient and streamline business processes and functions
  • Savings in management : By contracting these software development services, one of the advantages obtained is the saving of time in the management of administrative tasks, which improves work efficiency.
  • They guarantee the finished work at the established time: Companies that offer software development services can offer greater guarantees than individuals, since they work as a team to achieve the objective.
  • Allows you to focus on productive tasks: By outsourcing work, you can focus on really important tasks in your business while software development progresses.
  • You can contract more than one service : Normally, these companies offer additional services that complement the development of the software, making the business continue to advance to achieve more objectives.

Currently, software development is increasingly important for companies to be competitive in the market, since these software have the ability to manage, automate and perform various necessary tasks in companies, making businesses achieve better results. If you decide to outsource software development services, you will be saving costs and you will be able to focus on what is most important: Developing and running your business.

It is true that many entrepreneurs believe that by delegating this type of work to software development services abroad, they can «lose control», but the reality is that here in Intekel we offer quality customer service, being continuously in communication directly with those responsible for the project.  

We can advise you on your company, we manage change requests, we train you in the operational use of the solution, we can also train your own developers or work together with them. In that way, we provide you with post-deployment technical support, upgrades and maintenance, as well as post-delivery new features. If you are looking for software developers or software development services to build your startup, you can contact us here!